The company was founded at the end of the Second World War thanks to the initiative of Paolo Magni and his son Giovanni, who decided to combine their already started Officina Meccanica also the production of machines and tools for woodworking.

Despite the difficulties given by a technology is not yet sufficiently developed, the MAIER products stand out immediately for accuracy, reliability and durability.

Over the years, in addition to improving the performance of tools for wood, with the introduction of new CNC machinery, which now cover the entire production cycle, it expands the range of products with the manufacture of drill bits for the industry of brooms / brushes ; in sports, with tips for skiing and the slalom poles and railroad tracks with sleeper drilling machine drills.

All articles in which we are among the world’s leading.

Today Alberto and Francesco Magni follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and father with passion, working directly in production, design and management.

Our company, which sells in Italy and in over 50 countries worldwide, is on the list of those companies that persistently create and give luster to the “made in Italy”